Meet SPACECOOL at LEAP Tech Conference in Saudi Arabia 2023 | SPACECOOL Inc.

Meet SPACECOOL at LEAP Tech Conference in Saudi Arabia 2023


Meet SPACECOOL at LEAP Tech Conference in Saudi Arabia 2023

SPACECOOL Inc. under the leadership of CEO Takayuki Hoshuyama, will showcase its flagship product, the radiative cooling material SPACECOOL®, at the J-Startup Pavilion (located in Hall 5, Booth H58) at the forthcoming LEAP Tech Conference in Saudi Arabia 2023. This significant tech event, taking place from February 6th to 9th, 2023, presents an opportunity for the company to further its business development in the Middle East and Africa.


SPACECOOL will be for the first time at LEAP and has been selected to participate as one of five Japanese startups to be featured at the J-Startup Pavilion, hosted by JETRO (The Japan External Trade Organization), at the upcoming LEAP Tech Conference.


In the harsh and arid environments of the Middle East and Africa, SPACECOOL®’s radiative cooling material offers solutions to improve the environment, and energy utilization efficiency, and aid in the pursuit of a carbon-neutral society. Its applications include enhancing logistics and energy transportation efficiency, improving the performance of outdoor electronics, mitigating harsh environmental conditions in temporary structures and tents, and reducing cooling energy consumption.


Our goal for this exhibition is to establish connections with potential partners and user companies, government agencies, and key players in the Middle East ecosystem, to expand our business in the region.

About the radiative sky cooling material

This material is a material*1 that makes it possible to lower the temperature below the outside temperature with zero energy by releasing heat into space even under direct sunlight.


Two types of products utilizing this material have already been developed, film and membrane materials, and are manufactured and sold by SPACECOOL Inc.


*1: Achieved by using Osaka Gas’ proprietary optical control technology to design a material that suppresses heat input from sunlight and increases heat dissipation through thermal radiation*2.

*2: A phenomenon in which heat from a heated object is carried as electromagnetic waves (light).

Figure1: Principals
Figure2-1: SPACECOOL_Film type
Figure2-2: SPACECOOL_Membrane type
Figure3: Cooling Performance of “SPACECOOL®”
Figure4: Applications

About the "LEAP Tech Conference"

LEAP, established in 2022, is the premier technology event in the region, attracting over 130,000 attendees from the tech industry, including innovative start-up companies and leaders of the future. It showcases over 700 global tech companies, features over 330 investors, and hosts over 500 Global CEOs and renowned speakers.


Date: February 6th (Mon) to 9th (Thur) 2023 

Venue: Riyadh Front Expo Centre, Saudi Arabia (Riyadh Front, 13412 Saudi Arabia)




Our new material creates comfortable cooling while avoiding over reliance on using energy like electricity.
Protect important things from heat and allow everyone spend their days comfortable and safe.