A New Material that Transforms
the Concept of Cool



Main Features

(1) World’s highest level of reflectance and radiative cooling performance
(2) Maintains long-term effects with excellent outdoor weather resistance
(3) Flexible material that can be applied to various shapes

Product Overview

* Release paper: White release paper on fine paper base(PE treated on the back) * Adhesive: Pressure sensitive type acrylic

【Test Method】
Film thickness: According to JIS K 7130:1999. Adhesive strength: Conforms to JIS Z0237.
As a general rule, the numerical values for the characteristics are based on the test results at a temperature of 20°C and a humidity of 65%.
* Please note that the design and specifications of the product are subject to change without notice for improvement.

【Noncombustible Certification Number】
Passed the performance evaluation of non-combustible materials (metal plates, non-metal plates, aluminum plates) based on Article 2, Item 9 of the Building Standards Act (Act No. 201 of Showa 25). *³ ・NM-5427 (Synthetic resin film tension/non-combustible materials (excluding metal plates)) ・NM-5428 (Synthetic resin film tension/noncombustible materials (metal plates)) ・NM-5429 (synthetic resin film stretch/aluminum alloy plate)
*3 In order for this film to be recognized as a non-combustible certified product, it must be applied to the building materials listed in Ministry of Construction Notification No. 1400 "Matters for Determining Non-Combustible Materials" on May 30, 12 and the base materials listed in the annex of the certificate.
Building materials specified in Ministry of Construction Notification No. 1401 (quasi-non-combustible materials) and Ministry of Construction Notification No. 1402 (flame-retardant materials) and other quasi-non-combustible materials and flame-retardant materials will not be certified as noncombustible. Even if it is applied to a base material with makeup applied to the surface, it will not become a non-combustible certified product.

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Our new material creates comfortable cooling while avoiding over reliance on using energy like electricity.
Protect important things from heat and allow everyone spend their days comfortable and safe.