Co-Founder , CEO & CTO

Masahiro Suemitsu

After completing his studies at the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, Suemitsu joined Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. in 2012, where he planned and worked on projects across multiple research themes at the same time by drawing on his wide range of experience from basic research to joint development with manufacturers and universities. In 2013, he launched research and development in the field of photonics (optical engineering), which was a new domain for Osaka Gas, and conducted research on thermophotovoltaics power generation (TPV) in collaboration with Prof. Susumu Noda from the Department of Electronic Science and Engineering at Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Engineering. Through optical control using photonic crystals, he achieved a TPV efficiency that far exceeded the world record held by MIT at the time, and his research results were featured in Nature Photonics and various other media. While continuing his work, he attended a graduate program Kyoto University’s Graduate School and in 2019 obtained his Ph.D. in Engineering. The research and development of radiative cooling materials that gave rise to SPACECOOL INC. was independently launched by Suemitsu at Osaka Gas in 2017. In April 2021, he established SPACECOOL as a startup aimed at product commercialization with investment from WiL LLC. and Osaka Gas and was transferred to SPACECOOL as its CTO. He resigned from Osaka Gas in December 2023 and appointed the position of CEO in April 2024.


Awards include the SPIE Green Photonics Award (2016), the Japan Society of Applied Physics Honorable Mention (2019), the Kinki Chemical Society Award for Environmental Technology (2021), and the Climate Change Action Award (2023), among others.

Co-Founder , Board Director & CSO

Takayuki Hosyuyama

After graduating from Waseda University in 1995, he joined Dentsu Inc. and worked as a sales representative for NTT DOCOMO Inc., drafting a proposal for a project to launch mobile advertising and marketing. In 2000, he founded D2C Inc. and served as Sales Director, later becoming Director and COO in 2004 followed by President & CEO and President in 2010, being the youngest executive in these positions at the time. After expanding the company from six to 700 employees and growing the business volume from zero to about 60 billion yen, including establishing eight companies domestically and internationally, He stepped down. He left Dentsu as well.
He joined WiL LLC in 2019. SPACECOOL INC. became a corporation in April 2021, after he came across the radiative cooling material that Osaka Gas was researching. He appointed the role of President & CEO, in which he was a corporate advisor supporting internal entrepreneurs. He became Director and CSO in the fiscal year 2024 and is currently working hard to expand the business. Born in 1972.

CFO & Head of Corporate Administration Div.

Koichi Iguchi

Joined SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. in 2015. Primarily engaged in M&A advisory services, involving in various M&A transactions such as acquisitions, mergers, privatizations, and capital and business alliances between companies.
Participated in the planning of SPACECOOL INC. from January 2024, managing the financial affairs of the business as CFO along with supervising all back office operations as the Head of Corporate Administration Div.
Graduated from the Graduate School of Engineering Science at Osaka University.