Bringing the coolness 
of shade trees 
to the world

Delivering natural coolness in a safe, 
electricity-free way for all.

Future We Envision

Creating a World Where Nature, Civilization 
and Technology Can All Flourish in Perfect Harmony.

The way we have been keeping things cool 
is not at all sustainable for our planet. 
We, SPACECOOL provide an eco-friendly solution 
for coolness without being powered by traditional energy sources.

Application Examples

Towards a society 

Increase comfort, improve safety, and mitigate global warming.
SPACECOOL will become familiar to people in society through a variety of applications.

  • Prefabricated Houses Prefabricated Houses
  • Tents Tents
  • Trucks Trucks
  • Containers Containers
  • Plants and Warehouses Plants and Warehouses
  • Outdoor Equipment Outdoor Equipment
  • Products to Prevent Heat Stroke Products to Prevent Heat Stroke
  • In All Sorts of Applications In All Sorts of Applications


Discharge Heat into Space 
and Block Sunlight

SPACECOOL uses radiative sky cooling technology 
to help effectively mitigate the heat of summer.
We are striving to create an energy-saving society through technologies that are friendly to people, business, and the Earth.



A New Material  
that Transforms 
the Concept of Cool

Our new material creates comfortable cooling 
while avoiding over reliance 
on using energy like electricity.
Protect important things from heat and 
allow everyone spend their days comfortable and safe.



Creating a future where humanity, 
civilization and 
our planet can all thrive

What can we do so we still live in a healthy environment 
one hundred years from now?
Our technology, SPACECOOL, enables cooling without using traditional energy sources. 
This addresses the energy resource problem 
and contributes to the fight against global warming. 
Business must go beyond sustainability and the philosophy of “do no harm” 
and into the realm of restoring the self-renewing integrity of our planet.