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SOLUTIONS - Temporary Facilities

Unit house, tent warehouse, container, etc.


Current thermal issues and solutions with SPACECOOL

Work during hot summer days has a higher risk of heatstroke

Comfortable room temperature Cool like in the shade Prevents heatstroke

Stored goods take heat damage

Room temperature ⬇
Storage quality ⬆

Cooling requires energy consumption and produces CO2 emissions

A/C burden ⬇
Cost ⬇
CO2 emissions ⬇

Background of Issues with Heat Shielding, Heat Dissipation, and Cooling Equipment for Temporary Buildings

【Insulation material】

・The weight of the panel increases,
And at night, the temperature rises due to heat storage
・The thickness of the insulation reduces the space

・Cooling requires high energy consumption and produces CO2 emissions

Examples of introduction to container houses and their effects

A container house that has been surface-constructed with SPACECOOL reduces power consumption by 33% compared to a container house with heat-shielding paint, and 46% compared to a general container house.

<Test condition>

Objects: 3 types:containers with SPACECOOL, containers with heat-shielding paint, and general containers

Demonstration location:Honda’s Yorii Plant under actual conditions


<Experiment Results>

SPACECOOL container: 33% reduction in power consumption compared to containers with heat shielding paint and 46% reduction in power consumption compared to general containers


It is estimated that when this material is installed in a large-scale automobile factory, it has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 2% compared to conventional technology (thermal barrier paint).


This demonstration experiment was conducted as a joint development project with Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Construction examples and effects on tents

Compare SPACECOOL tents with tents using other companies’ materials
Approximately -10°C drop in sensible temperature

<Test conditions>
Exam date: August 31, 2021

Construction target: Normal tent, 2 types of heat shield tent, SPACECOOL tent


<Test results>
Recorded a temperature drop of about -10°C in both the ceiling temperature and the sensible temperature

Other Solution Examples

SPACECOOL accompanies people in society for various applications, aim to improve comfort and safety, and mitigates global warming.