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Architectural membrane materials

A New Material that Transforms
the Concept of Cool

Architectural membrane materials


Main Features

(1)Highest level of reflectivity (over 95%) and radiative cooling functions (emissivity: 95%) in the world

(2)Capable of preserving effects for long periods of time with excellent outdoor weathering performance (over 6 years)

(3)It is possible to apply it to membrane structures as it has obtained both B-type and non-combustible certification.


Summer performance of the radiant cooling material lowers 2-6°C below the outdoor air temperature, and the cooling capacity is 70-100 W/m2, providing coolness as a sensory temperature.

Product Overview

【Non-flammability certification】
Conforms to the provisions of Article 2, Item 9 of the Building Standard Law, and Article 108- 2, Items 1 through 3 (nonflammable materials) of the enforcement ordinance of the same law.

*Edge treatment is required to ensure the prolonged use of SPACECOOL products.
*In order to improve product design and specifications,changes will be made without any prior notice. We kindly ask for your understanding.
*The above physical properties are initial measured values, not guaranteed values. High frequency welding must not be used. It may result in electrical accident.

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Our new material creates comfortable cooling while avoiding over reliance on using energy like electricity.
Protect important things from heat and allow everyone spend their days comfortable and safe.