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A New Material that Transforms
the Concept of Cool



Main Features

(1)Highest level of reflectivity (over 95%) and radiative cooling functions (emissivity: 95%) in the world

(2)Capable of preserving effects for long periods of time with excellent outdoor weathering performance (over 6 years)

(3)Can be sewn or processed into various shapes

Product Overview

Product name/number Size (width cm x length m) Thickness (mm) Weight (representative value) (g/㎡) Tensile strength (N, longitude x latitude) Tearing strength (N, longitude x latitude) Elongation degree (%, longitude x latitude)
Tarpaulin (flameproof/high strength)


104 × 50 0.73 880 2100 × 1800 275 ×275

*trapezoid method

19 × 25

(flameproof/light weight)


120 × 50 0.56 700 490 × 490 120×90

*single tongue method

18 × 25


103 × 50 0.53 560 1400 × 1200 100×90

*single tongue method

22 × 27
【Testing Method】
Size: JISL10968.2.1 as standard. Thickness: JISL10968.4 as standard. Weight: JISL1096.8.3.2 as standard. Tensile strength: JISL1096.8.17.3 as standard.
*The written physical property value is an initial stage measured value。Please do not perform high frequency welding. There is a risk of electric shock.
*In order to improve product design and specifications , changes made be made without any prior notice. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Main Applications

Temporary materials

Unit house, tent warehouse, container, etc.

By installing on the roof and exterior walls, heat input due to solar radiation is minimized, and the interior space can be cooled with zero energy.
It improves air conditioning efficiency and is expected to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

Heat stroke and solar radiation countermeasures

Pergolas, umbrellas, sunshades, etc.

By processing it into a product, it helps prevent heat stroke, UV protection, and burns while cooling the internal space with zero energy.

Other Products


Our new material creates comfortable cooling while avoiding over reliance on using energy like electricity.
Protect important things from heat and allow everyone spend their days comfortable and safe.