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SOLUTIONS - Heat stroke and solar radiation countermeasures

Sun umbrellas, parasols, sunshades, etc.


Current Thermal Challenges

According to data from the Japan Meteorological Agency,

the number of days with extreme heat (whose temperature peaks
at 35°C or higher) is increasing every year.

According to data reported by the Fire and Disaster Management Agency,

the number of emergency medical evacuations due to heat stroke in summer

has increased significantly since 2010 and exceeded 90,000 in 2018, a particularly warm year.

Example and effect of the installation on a simple resting room

Upon comparing a regular simple resting room with a simple resting room with SPACECOOL installed,
we found a temperature reduction of over 10℃ for both the perceived temperature and the inside temperature

Issues with typical solutions to combat heat

・The material tends to trap heat and make the surroundings feel warm due to radiant heat.
・Sunshades can deteriorate under UV radiation and give rise to mold due to moisture.

【Insulating material 】
・Insulating materials are difficult to install on membrane materials used in tents, etc.
・Even if they could be installed, they tend to be stretched thin due to the material's thickness and weight.

Other Solution Examples

SPACECOOL accompanies people in society for various applications, aim to improve comfort and safety, and mitigates global warming.