The new material with the world's highest radiative cooling performance enables cooling without using traditional energy sources

SPACECOOL's radiative cooling technology


Unique optical design enables cooling under sunlight.
Contributing to the realization of a decarbonized society.

Reflection: The phenomenon in which light energy is bounced back without being absorbed by an object.

Radiation: The phenomenon that transfers heat energy to the outside of an object in the form of light energy.

Radiative cooling phenomena in nature


The radiative cooling
phenomenon in nature
Radiative cooling is a phenomenon in which heat on the earth is
emitted into space in the form of light called thermal radiation, and is well known as one of the causes of temperature drops at night.
Radiative cooling occurs during the daytime as well as at nighttime.
But during the daytime, the heat input energy of sunlight is greater than the heat output energy of thermal radiation, so the temperature of materials such as metal and concrete exposed to sunlight rises above the ambient temperature.

During the daytime, the heat stays on the earth.

At nighttime, heat is released into outer space by the radiative cooling

Meet the products


This high-performance, highly-durability, flexible optical film was developed by Osaka Gas.
It is a new material that blocks heat from sunlight and the atmosphere to suppress heat absorption, while also releasing heat into space, creating temperatures cooler than the atmospheric temperature.
We will create a sustainable society through high-performance products that mitigate global warming and improve comfort and safety.



Gentleness for People, Products, and Society

For improvement of comfort, enhancement of safety, and mitigation of global warming.
SPACECOOL has numerous applications and is in tune with people in society.

The future that SPACECOOL envisions


Enrich people, products, and society,
and achieve a sustainable world

If we continue consuming energy for the temporary enjoyment of coolness, both humans and the earth will hit a limit. What is needed for the future
is a new sort of coolness that does not consume energy and that is friendly to people and the Earth.
We believe that such coolness will not only ameliorate heat issues
but will also aid in solving the globally shared problems of global warming and energy depletion.

For people

Prevention of heat stroke
Maintenance of food freshness

For things

Reduction of field equipment failures
More efficient loading space

For society

Inhibition of greenhouse gas emissions
Zero energy



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