PRODUCTS A New Material 
that Transforms
the Concept of Cool


SPACECOOL is a high-performance, high-durability, flexible optical film developed by Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.
It manages to achieve a lower temperature than the ambient temperature
without electricity by limiting heat absorption through blocking heat
from sunlight and the atmosphere, as well as radiating heat into space.

It is a high-performance product
which can help create a sustainable society
by mitigating global warming while increasing comfort and safety.

SPACECOOL will Create the Future

  • Reduce Indoor/
    Apparent Temperature

    The summer performance of radiative sky cooling materials lowers temperature by 2 to 6°C compared to the ambient air temperature. With a cooling power of 70 to 100 W/m2, it provides an apparent temperature that feels cool. This leads to increased comfort by improving living environments, and increased safety by preventing heat stroke.

  • Reduced Power Consumption

    It can lead to increased reliability by avoiding equipment malfunction or failure due to heat, and increased economy by reducing cooling costs through energy conservation.

Helping to Realize a Sustainable Society Without Electricity

Recent countermeasures against heat are effective,
but resource depletion is becoming an environmental problem.
Just using SPACECOOL can lead to reduced electricity consumption,
and bring us closer to realizing a sustainable society.


A society that has SPACECOOL, will be a comfortable and safe society,
and will help create a sustainable society.
Help create our future together with SPACECOOL.

  • Prefabricated Houses Prefabricated Houses
  • Tents Tents
  • Trucks Trucks
  • Containers Containers
  • Plants and Warehouses Plants and Warehouses
  • Outdoor Equipment Outdoor Equipment
  • Products to Prevent Heat Stroke Products to Prevent Heat Stroke
  • In All Sorts of Applications In All Sorts of Applications

Product Lineup

A new film material that protects people, business, and the environment from hot summer environments.
View our lineup of SPACECOOL products, which promise to make contributions in a variety of situations.

Film (with adhesive)

  • Silver
  • White


  • Silver
  • White