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Magnetic Sheet

A New Material that Transforms
the Concept of Cool

Magnetic Sheet


Main Features

(1) World’s highest level of reflectance and radiative cooling performance
(2) Maintains long-term effects with excellent outdoor weather resistance
(3) Can be easily installed and detached to steel outdoor equipment, external walls, and roof

Product Overview


Product name and product number size

(width mm× length m)



Weight (typical)


Magnetic sheet spacing


Surface magnetic flux density


Adhesive force


Maximum energy product


Residual magnetic flux density


Remanent coercive force


Remanent coercive force


Magnet Sheet


1020×10 0.54 1450 2.2 27、270 1.77、18 4.0、0.5 150、1500 103、1300 219、2750
* The above-mentioned physical properties are initial measurements and are not guaranteed values.

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Our new material creates comfortable cooling while avoiding over reliance on using energy like electricity.
Protect important things from heat and allow everyone spend their days comfortable and safe.